Poverty Listening Tour

At its core, poverty is the lack of adequate money and financial resources to meet basic needs.  To better understand the depth and breadth of poverty and how it affects our communities, Senator Art Haywood visited multiple regions throughout Pennsylvania in 2019.

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The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of people across the country to assist with the 2020 Census count.  Apply online today to join the 2020 Census Team! 1-855-562-2020

For MLK Day of Service, Hundreds Gather For March to Raise Wages

Hundreds of people were late for appointments today, January 20, 20020. The reason they were late can be placed squarely on Speaker of the House Mike Turzai and Rep. Jim Cox who have done nothing to raise the state minimum wage past $7.25/hr. They have had opportunities and they squandered it. So today, about 300 people who were fed up took to...

Germantown community stands together for wage increase

The Germantown community came together on Martin Luther King Day to continue pressuring the owner of a McDonald’s franchise at 29 E. Chelten Ave. to address what participants called wage injustice. State Sen. Art Haywood along with the Rev. Kent Matthies, who is affiliated with POWER and The Unitarian Society of Germantown, joined the united...

31 State Legislators from 15 States on What Roe v. Wade Means to Them

“The state legislature has no place interfering in a woman’s reproductive health. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is already an extremely difficult choice–but it is a right. I will continue to vote no on any legislation that interferes with a woman’s right to choose.” –Senator Art Haywood (Pennsylvania, District 4)

Sen. Haywood wants to tackle injustices in 2020

State Sen. Art Haywood aims to focus on economic, environmental and social justice in the new political year. “My office will respond to the decades of injustice,” he told The Tribune. “Specifically on economic justice, we shall work to implement recommendations in the Poverty Report so that thousands of people can meet their basic...

Senator Haywood and Power caroled to McRaise the Wages

State Senator Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) joined POWER to Carol for A McRaise event outside of the Chelten Avenue McDonald’s. This was an effort to get owner Derek Giacomantonio to raise the wage of his employees to $15 an hour.

“We came back to this McDonald’s to share the message of the season,” said Senator Haywood. “Hopefully our songs will heal Derek G’s heart and allow him to pay his employees a living wage.”

Own Our Solutions

Raise the Wage

Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage in PA! The time to increase the wage is now!

Find Good Jobs & Careers

Working to increase awareness of the many options including skilled trades!

Gun Violence Prevention

Senator Haywood supports efforts to ensure dangerous people do not have access to guns. 


Saving youth through mentoring is vital to build successful citizens for tomorrow.

Clean Water

Ensuring clean, safe water in our homes and schools.

How to Participate?

As a community member, you have the power to make a difference in our district and across Pennsylvania. I invite you to help build safe neighborhoods where educational opportunities are strong, wages are fair, entrepreneurship is encouraged and retirement is secure.

Citizen Advocacy

Take the step towards participating in our democracy by talking with your elected leaders. 

Neighborhood Activism

You can take an active role in strengthening our community.

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