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The Philadelphia and Abington district offices are open for calls and email. However, due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we will NOT be taking walk-ins effective until further notice. If you need additional assistance, please call us at 215-242-8171 or visit our Self-Service page.

Senator Haywood Announces the Approval of Housing Relief Funds to Prevent Foreclosure and Eviction

Harrisburg – May 29, 2020 – State Senator Art Haywood (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) announced that the Pennsylvania House and Senate passed his housing relief plan with $193 million on May 28.  The Governor has agreed to sign this legislation.  “I am happy to announce this tremendous effort to prevent eviction, foreclosures and...

We need a just recovery that includes higher pay for Black, brown, and low- paid essential workers

By Art Haywood

While small businesses owners and politicians have demanded that the state reopen quickly, the reopen health risks are largely on black, brown, and white low-paid workers.  Essential grocery store, restaurant, food service public transit workers stayed on the job to save us as many of us stayed at home, even worked from home.

State officials join Haywood for town hall discussion on voting by mail

State Sens. Vincent Hughes, Sharif Street, Larry Farnese and Anthony Williams joined Sen. Art Haywood for a telephone town hall meeting last week to address the option of voting by mail for the June 2 primary during the COVID-19 crisis. The five Pennsylvania senators joined to emphasize the importance of voting, explain the process for voting by...

Senator Haywood Calls for 7 Day Extension to Count Vote-By-Mail Primary Ballots

Harrisburg – May 27, 2020 – Sen. Art Haywood (Philadelphia/Montgomery) today called for a seven-day extension to count potentially 1.6 million mail-in ballots that have been sent in for the June 2, 2020, primary election. Under current law, mail-in ballots will only be counted if they are received by 8:00 p.m. on election day, and election...

Senator Haywood Responds to Clamor to Reopen All of Pennsylvania Now Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Philadelphia – May 6, 2020 – State Senator Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) released the following statement after the Senate Health and Human Services Committee concluded its hearing today on plans to reopen Pennsylvania for business now mid the COVID-19 pandemic: “As a result of the pandemic, neighbors and friends and others who own or...

Own Our Solutions

Raise the Wage

Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage in PA! The time to increase the wage is now!

Find Good Jobs & Careers

Working to increase awareness of the many options including skilled trades!

Gun Violence Prevention

Senator Haywood supports efforts to ensure dangerous people do not have access to guns. 


Saving youth through mentoring is vital to build successful citizens for tomorrow.

Clean Water

Ensuring clean, safe water in our homes and schools.

How to Participate?

As a community member, you have the power to make a difference in our district and across Pennsylvania. I invite you to help build safe neighborhoods where educational opportunities are strong, wages are fair, entrepreneurship is encouraged and retirement is secure.

Citizen Advocacy

Take the step towards participating in our democracy by talking with your elected leaders. 

Neighborhood Activism

You can take an active role in strengthening our community.

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