Pa. lawmaker introduces bill that would make not wearing mask a misdemeanor

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania state senator introduced legislation that would enable authorities to give misdemeanors to people who do not wear masks in public during the COVID-19 pandemic. State Sen. Art Haywood (D) made the announcement a few months ago, and the proposal was formally introduced in the Senate Tuesday as SB-1287.

Will Black voters again allow Trump to be elected?

By Sen. Art Haywood

After winning in November 2016, Trump thanked Black voters for staying at home.

“We did great with the African American community…They didn’t come out to vote for Hillary. They didn’t come out,” he said. “And that was big— so thank you to the African American community.”

Legislators, Policy Experts, Call for Enactment of State EITC Now

HARRISBURG — August 26, 2020  — State legislators Senator Art Haywood and Representative Sara Innamorato, and Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC) analysts hosted a press conference call on Wednesday morning that featured state policy experts Marc Stier, Director, and Diana Polson, Senior Analyst, of the PA Budget and Policy Center.

Stimulus aid is dead, but unemployed workers demand Congress revive compensation

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A lone bagpiper and pallbearers led dozens of sign-carrying protesters with an empty coffin in a mock funeral procession outside City Hall Thursday. A sign on the casket read, “Here lies pandemic unemployment compensation, we hardly knew thee,” referring to the $600 weekly federal stimulus check that...

Jewish Community Webinars Tackle Hate, Racism

Charmaine Ijeoma thinks the United States needs a racial reckoning similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, the restorative justice bodies that helped South African society move forward in the aftermath of apartheid. “We need to talk about it because you’ll hear some people say, ‘Well, that happened a long time ago.’ And I would say...

Racial Justice

Own Our Solutions

Raise the Wage

Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage in PA! The time to increase the wage is now!

Find Good Jobs & Careers

Working to increase awareness of the many options including skilled trades!

Gun Violence Prevention

Senator Haywood supports efforts to ensure dangerous people do not have access to guns. 


Saving youth through mentoring is vital to build successful citizens for tomorrow.

Clean Water

Ensuring clean, safe water in our homes and schools.

How to Participate?

As a community member, you have the power to make a difference in our district and across Pennsylvania. I invite you to help build safe neighborhoods where educational opportunities are strong, wages are fair, entrepreneurship is encouraged and retirement is secure.

Citizen Advocacy

Take the step towards participating in our democracy by talking with your elected leaders. 

Neighborhood Activism

You can take an active role in strengthening our community.

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