Senator Art Haywood


Senator Art HaywoodArt Haywood was raised by his mother, a public-school teacher. Early on, she instilled the values of hard work and education within him.  He attended public school and graduated from Morehouse College, the London School of Economics as a Marshall Scholar, and the University of Michigan Law School.

Art practiced law at Community Legal Services and Regional Housing Legal Services with an emphasis on preserving and creating affordable housing.  Art then focused his private practice on representing organizations focused on neighborhood revitalization.

He was inspired by the 2008 Presidential campaign for Barack Obama and in 2009 ran and won Township Commissioner in Cheltenham Township.  After serving as President of the Board of Commissioners, he became State Senator for the 4th District.

During his first term as a State Senator, Art joined with everyday people to hold the first annual Gun Violence Awareness Day in the Capitol, offered summer reading camps to more than 700 children, and brought more than $12 million in state grants for employment in the 4th District. His most recent accomplishment was the signing of Act 148 of 2018 into law, which provides emergency transfers for survivors of domestic and sexual violence who live in public housing.

Since taking office, Art and his staff have served more than 7,000 neighbors through constituent services at his district offices and community outreach events.  His most recent actions include leading: changes to the School Code to require lead testing or a public hearing in public schools statewide; support for the 2015 Housing Trust Fund for affordable housing through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and acquiring $400,000 for retiree home repairs. Art has three adult children and resides in Wyncote with his wife Julie of 27 years.

Updated January 2019

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