December 2019

Senators Haywood and Tina Tartaglione are expressing their disappointment that the House failed to act on a bill to increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage before the end of the year.

Senator Haywood held a Telephone Town Hall during which constituents were able to learn more about the Senator’s survey of poverty in the state and his proposal for a People’s Budget.  You can listen to the entire Town Hall by clicking below


November 2019

The Senate has passed and sent to the House a bill to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour in two years. Senator Haywood says he’s happy but adds the bill doesn’t go far enough

October 2019

Senator Haywood traveled across Pennsylvania to ask Pennsylvanians about poverty, and he’s released a report with his findings.

Senator Haywood joined with Senator Pat Browne of Allentown, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to discuss the retirement crisis facing Pennsylvanians.  Following that, Senator Haywood hosted a Telephone Town Hall, during which he and Senator Browne took questions from constituents. You can listen to both by clicking on the bars below:

September 2019

Senator Haywood took time to applaud a national leader in Hospice Care, who is on a bicycle tour across Pennsylvania to raise awareness for end-of-life care.

Senator Haywood joined fellow Pennsylvanians calling for a raise in the state’s minimum wage as they gathered at the state Capitol in Harrisburg. He says an increase to 12 dollars an hour would pull thousands of state residents out of poverty

When Pennsylvania lawmakers return to the Capitol later this month, they will have new legislation to consider: a bill co-sponsored by Senator Haywood designed to cut carbon emissions from electric power plants by at least 90 percent by 2040.

August 2019

Senator Haywood hosted a Telephone Town Hall on the topic of going Back to School, featuring Xiomara Robinson, Educator & Summer Reading Camp Coordinator. You can listen to the entire Town Hall by clicking below.

June 2019

The initial 2019 Pennsylvania Budget approved by a House committee does not include funding for the General Assistance program.  Senator Haywood is calling for that funding to be restored.

A bill is making its way through the state legislature that would require more of Pennsylvania’s energy be generated by renewable resources. Senator Haywood is the main sponsor of the bill; he and his fellow Senate Democrats say it will generate both clean energy and jobs

It’s called the Fair Share Tax Plan, and Senator Haywood and his fellow Senate Democrats say it’s designed to shift the state’s personal tax burden to those who can most afford it.

Here’s Senator Haywood’s latest Telephone Town Hall, in which the Senator and his guest Satnaree Brandon, the Talent Acquisition Manager at Aqua America, talk with constituents about employment. Click on the link below to hear the entire Town Hall.

Thanks to Senator Haywood, the Pennsylvania state Senate declared June 5th as “Gun Violence Awareness Day” in Pennsylvania. Senator Haywood and his fellow Senate Democrats are working to keep Pennsylvanians safe by proposing common sense gun laws.

May 2019

Senator Haywood discusses Clean Energy legislation with Planet Philadelphia.

Planet Philadelphia radio show: Changing state climate change and energy policies

April 2019

Senator Haywood recently held a Telephone Town Hall, during which constituents could call and ask questions of the Senator and his guest Tom Fine, Owner of Lehigh Valley Hydroponics, about farming using water in place of soil. You can listen to the entire Town Hall by clicking on the link below.

Listen to Telephone Town Hall

Senator Haywood guests on Vanessa’s Money Hour by Vanessa Lowe discussing legislation state retirement savings plans.

Some lawmakers, including Senator Haywood, think the state isn’t moving fast enough to promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Senators Haywood and Sharif Street screened a video at the Capitol in Harrisburg that they say shows the flaws in Pennsylvania’s practice of sentencing inmates to life without parole.

March 2019

In 2020 – next year – one quarter of Pennsylvanians will be 65 or older. And more than 2 million of them work for employers that do not offer retirement plans. Senator Haywood says there is a solution to the problem

Senator Haywood joined with fellow Democrats in the Senate and the House to introduce a package of bills designed to protect Pennsylvania workers from workplace harassment.

February 2019

Senator Haywood held a Telephone Town Hall to talk about reducing gun violence.  His guest is Dr. Ruth Abaya, an Attending Physician in the Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. You can listen to the entire Town Hall by clicking on the link below.

Listen to Telephone Town Hall


Senator Haywood reacts to Governor Wolf’s 2019 Budget Address

January 2019

Senator Haywood and fellow Senate Democrats say the federal government shutdown is changing the way Pennsylvanians will receive their SNAP, or food stamp, benefits for February.

Senator Haywood talks about his visit to the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show

December 2018

Senator Haywood held another Telephone Town Hall on December 5th, talking about responsible gun ownership with firearms attorney Jonathan Goldstein.  You can listen to the entire Telephone Town Hall by clicking the link below.

Listen to Telephone Town Hall


November 2018

Victims of domestic violence who live in public housing can find themselves trapped in their homes, and trapped in a bad situation. Legislation sponsored by Senator Haywood has now been signed into law that will change that situation for the better.