Citizen Advocacy Hub – Step One

Step One

Thanks for taking a step towards participating in our democracy by talking with your elected leaders. To begin, please enter the following information and press Next

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Minimum Wage

Steps for Effective Citizen Advocacy

  1. The legislator/ politician works for you. The people elect and pay them.
  2. Make an appointment prior to your visit.
  3. Go to a politician that represents you. Politicians pay attention to their constituents.
  4. Be part of a larger campaign of action.
  5. Talk about no more than two policies.
  6. Tell a personal story that illustrates why you want the policy. Don't rely on statistics.
  7. Remember that the purpose is to persuade, not blow off steam.
  8. Ask for support of your policy. Don't ask what the politician thinks. Ask for support of what you want.
  9. Follow up after the meeting.
  10. Let us know what you’re told. Keep your elected officials accountable.

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