Governor Rejects GOP Map

Pennsylvania Senate GOP leaders President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and House Speaker Mike Turzai submitted new congressional maps to Governor Tom Wolf on Friday, 9 February. However, there was no vote by the General Assembly to approve these maps. Governor Wolf rejected them as of Tuesday, 13 February stating the maps contain partisan bias like the current maps drawn in 2011. The deadline for the Governor and parties to the lawsuit to submit maps to the state Supreme Court was yesterday, 15 February.

Who Has Submitted Maps

As of today, GOP leaders, the League of Women Voters, Governor Wolf, the House Democratic leaders, the Senate Democratic leaders, Lt. Governor Mike Stack, and a group of Republican voters have submitted various maps in time for the 15 February deadline of the PA Supreme Court. Now the PA Supreme Court shall consider the maps and make a decision by Monday, 19 February.

Supreme CourtDeadline for PA Supreme Court to Make the Final Decision

The PA Supreme Court has enlisted the help of a redistricting expert from Stanford University. Professor Nathaniel Persily, who has done so in multiple states will assist the court. No matter what the PA Supreme Court ruling determines, GOP leaders say they will take the Court’s map to Federal Court. The resolution of the congressional maps is getting closer to conclusion.


Dare to Care,

Art Haywood
State Senator
4th District

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