HARRISBURG, June 18, 2015 −  State Senator Art Haywood made the following comments in response to the release of a school funding formula by the Pennsylvania Basic Education Funding Commission today:

“The education funding formula released today by the Basic Education Funding Commission is a significant step forward for the Commonwealth, which is one of only three states in our nation without such a formula. Our current imbalance in school funding has led us to become the worst state in the country for funding equity to poor school districts.

I am encouraged that the Commission’s formula has bi-partisan support, and is the result of a great deal of stakeholder input through a number of public hearings. The formula takes into account poverty, English language learners, and charter school enrollment, among a number of other criteria. Importantly, it considers local tax efforts and tax capacity in funding distribution.

With the passing of Governor Wolf’s budget that restores education funding cuts, Pennsylvania can implement the Commission’s formula. If implemented in 2015-16, school districts within the 4th senatorial district would see the following funding increases:

Abington School District: $823,616

Cheltenham School District: $484,947

Jenkintown School District: $85,680

Springfield Township School District: $176,178

Philadelphia School District: $75,120,091

The Governor’s budget would restore $400 million in school funding during 2015-16, and an additional $400 million during 2016-17, generating further funding increases to 4th district schools. This would have a far-reaching positive impact on the future of our Commonwealth.”


Contact: Melissa Ostroff