HARRISBURG, March 3, 2015 – State Sen. Art Haywood today released the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget presentation:

“The Governor’s plan reveals the truth of our shared destiny as Pennsylvanians, and the moral responsibilities our union requires of us. After four years of abandonment, we now have a leader with the courage to illuminate the commitment we must make to one another as travelers on a common path.

By bringing light to the choice we must make to care for one another, Governor Wolf has provided Pennsylvanians with hope that we can achieve our shared vision.  All of us want stronger, safer neighborhoods.  Every parent wishes to see his or her child learn, succeed and contribute to our commonwealth.  Our Governor has made it clear that a re-commitment to this vision is needed if we are to move beyond the frustrations and hardships of the past four years.

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None of us would eagerly open our wallets for a cause we do not believe in; but, there is no greater cause than our shared future. When we are asked to make a sacrifice on behalf of our children, the sacrifice is worthwhile. When the choice before us is between moral failure and moral duty, the choice is clear.

When looking to purchase a car, an individual may initially experience “sticker shock.” Of course, the price can be brought down, but perhaps not without losing some of the qualities that made the car worth buying in the first place. Do we want to give ourselves a second-class future because we are unwilling to pay the price of responsibility?

Pennsylvanians should understand the Governor’s proposal as a call to fulfill our highest moral duty – to care for one another by committing to the vision we share.”



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