HARRISBURG, October 7, 2015: State Senator Art Haywood made the following statement today following the House of Representatives vote against Governor Wolf’s income and severance tax proposals:

“The House Republicans today staged yet another legislative sham. The GOP asked state representatives to vote on Governor Wolf’s income and shale drilling revenue proposals – that is, how to raise money – without any vote on how the money would be spent. That’s like asking your neighbors to pay $100 to buy something without telling them what they will get in return. Few would agree to such a scheme.

Because of the Republican legislative sham, the House did not get the opportunity to vote for the Governor’s property tax cuts, or for restorations in funding for 21st Century schools and critical human services. Instead, Republicans voted to continue allowing shale drilling corporations to freeload off our commonwealth. They opted to continue the status quo of fiscal irresponsibility that is costing taxpayers $170 million per year already.

The Republicans set up this legislative sham because they don’t want to let the Governor win – but the Governor shall win because the people of Pennsylvania are on his side. The people of Pennsylvania want 21st century schools and they want property tax cuts. By voting against the Governor’s revenue proposals today, the House Republicans voted against the people of Pennsylvania.

Today could have been a step forward for Pennsylvania, but instead the GOP put on another legislative charade to deny our children 21st century schools and deny a tax cut to low and middle-income people. I encourage all Pennsylvanians to call their state legislator to show their support for Governor Wolf’s budget. I also encourage Pennsylvanians to let Governor Wolf know you stand by his budget by calling 717-787-2500.”


Contact: Melissa Ostroff