Philadelphia – May 29, 2019 – Sen. Art Haywood (D-Philadelphia) announced $7.6 million has been granted through the Automated Red-Light Enforcement (ARLE) fund to continue the Neighborhood Slow Zone Program aimed at improving public safety.

“Pedestrian and motorist safety is essential to the City of Philadelphia,” said Haywood. “Grants such as this provide local areas with the assistance necessary to ensure that traffic concerns are addressed and corrected.”

The funding will help the Neighborhood Slow Zone Program analyze and improve traffic safety measures throughout the city, continue improvement of Philadelphia’s Modern Roundabout Program, implement LED street lighting, and expand and upgrade new signal controllers with fiber optic systems.

“These expansive improvements will greatly help and improve travel throughout the City of Philadelphia,” said Haywood. “I am happy to see our great city being supported in its efforts to ensure safety for pedestrians and motorists.”

The ARLE program is administered by PennDOT and aims to support local municipalities that improve safety at signalized intersections.