State Senator Art Haywood issued the following statement today after joining Philadelphia City Council and Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Redding to discuss urban agriculture:

PHILADELPHIA, 28 April 2016: “After joining Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Redding and Philadelphia City Council to discuss urban farming this morning, I am even more enthusiastic about what these farms can do for our neighborhoods. Urban farming sits at the intersection between economic development, community building and healthy living. Companies like Metropolis Farms are developing innovative approaches to farming in indoor spaces, creating jobs and infusing food deserts with healthy eating options while building communities.

In the 4th District, I am proud of the work of Weavers Way to bring urban farming to Stenton Family Manor and Mort Brooks Farm. I am also proud of community gardens like La Mott’s, which is more than eighty years old. These farms promote fresh food, and combine self-reliance with shared responsibility while responding to hunger and food insecurity in our community.”

Contact: Melissa Ostroff