Mentoring Conference

This annual conference is in response to the youth forum Peace in the Northwest that my office hosted in June 2017. We heard from youth ages 15-25 whom described incidents of gun violence and saw guidance as a partial solution. I have since conducted meetings with mentoring organizations in Philadelphia to respond to their request.

January is National Mentoring Month and there is no better time to host a Mentoring Conference. This year, the conference is focused on announcing the first round of grant recipients, networking for mentoring organizations, and a panel discussion on Mindfulness and Mentoring and Trauma Informed Mentoring. The micro grants are offered through the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) who administers the Greater Philadelphia Mentoring Collaborative (GPMC).

Thank you to the speakers, presenters, our partners, and attendees that helped make today possible.

Mentoring Conference 2020


Introduction & Current State of GPMC


Youth Mindfulness


Cultivating Relationships that Promote Growth Healing & Mentoring Background Checks, Screening, & Selection Process


Mentee Safety & Closing remarks

Mentoring Conference 2019

Launching the “Mentoring Collaborative”


Mentoring Conference 2018

Launching the “Mentoring Collaborative”