Senator Art Haywood


Haywood Announces Funding for Local Communities

HARRISBURG – May 11, 2017 – Senator Haywood today announced more than $380,000 in funding for Abington Township and Jenkintown Borough. The funds will go toward the operation and maintenance of traffic signals. “Traffic lights that work properly, and are where they...

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Readers and One State Lawmaker React to Legislative Challenge

Citizen advocacy isn't easy but is important so a Philly state legislator's teaching it. It’s risky to ask readers to extend themselves on topics to which the vast majority barely pay attention. So it was with trepidation that, in a column last week, I challenged...

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State Senators Fight Back on Internet Privacy

The April 3 passage of a law rolling back the Federal Communications Commission's restrictions on internet service and telecommunication providers selling customer data has given way to a new internet privacy measure in the state Senate. On March 28, the U.S. House of...

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Senator Art Haywood Sponsors Community Day

February 14, 2017 — Senator Art Haywood, in partnership with Chestnut Hill College, sponsored a Martin Luther King High School Community Day on the college campus on Saturday, February 11. More than 50 high school students visited Chestnut Hill, where they were...

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