Senator Art Haywood


Auto-IRA would help millions of Pennsylvanian save for retirement

By State Treasurer Joe Torsella and Senator Art Haywood

Waiting tables. Cleaning restrooms. Bagging groceries.

These are jobs that need to be done, and plenty of Pennsylvanians put in an honest day’s work doing things just like this. But most of us want something else for ourselves when we reach the end of our working lives.

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Lawmakers push for more solar energy use by 2030

Pennsylvania used to be a leader in bringing renewable energy to the state’s power grid, but lawmakers said Wednesday the commonwealth is “lagging behind” its neighbors now. A bipartisan effort to increase renewable energy use in Pennsylvania to 30 percent by 2030...

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Harrisburg protest calls for new gun-control law

As a piece of domestic violence legislation that removes guns from those under a protection from abuse order becomes law today, that bill’s champion – state Sen. Tom Killion, R-9 of Middletown – is setting his sights on further restrictions against those who might use...

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Sharing with students the love of reading

WPVI GERMANTOWN (WPVI) -- In Philadelphia's Germantown section, 100 men spent their morning talking to children about reading. The event happened Wednesday at Mastery Charter School, Pastorius-Richardson elementary, on Sprague street. 100 black men from the community...

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New women’s pro basketball team to play in Chestnut Hill

By Brendan Sample With the introduction of the Philadelphia Reign of the Women’s Basketball Development Association, the City of Philadelphia will welcome its first professional women’s basketball team in more than 20 years. The team was officially introduced at a...

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