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Haywood: New, Bipartisan Retirement Savings Plan Proposed

Harrisburg – September 6, 2016 – Sen. Art Haywood (Philadelphia/Montgomery) released the following statement announcing bipartisan legislation to create a new type of retirement savings plan. Haywood and Sen. John Eichelberger (R-Blair) are co-sponsoring the new...

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Addressing the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

State Senator Art Haywood, D-4th, released this statement regarding the opioid/heroin epidemic in Pennsylvania: “On Wednesday I participated in a compelling Joint House and Senate Policy Hearing on Opioids at Temple Medical School in Philadelphia. This hearing came on...

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Haywood: Balanced 2016-17 Budget Helps Turn State Around

Harrisburg – July 14, 2016 – State Sen. Art Haywood (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) posted the following statement concerning the completion of the budget process for Fiscal Year 2016-17. On July 13, a $1.24 revenue package (House Bill 1198) cleared the Senate to balance...

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Haywood Introduces Youth Employment Tax Credit Program

State Senator Art Haywood issued the following statement at a press conference supporting State Senator Vincent Hughes’ Youth Investment Initiative. At the event, Senator Haywood introduced a Youth Employment Tax Credit program that would incentivize private employers...

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Haywood: Urban Farming Builds Healthy Communities

State Senator Art Haywood issued the following statement today after joining Philadelphia City Council and Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Redding to discuss urban agriculture: PHILADELPHIA, 28 April 2016: "After joining Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Redding...

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Advisory: Haywood to Join Pennlive Gun Violence Panel

With Pennsylvania plagued by gun violence, State Senator Art Haywood will join PennLive this Tuesday morning as part of a panel of experts discussing the role that state government can play in tackling this very serious problem. The 11 a.m. panel discussion in The...

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Advisory: Haywood to Hold Town Hall Meeting on State Budget

Advisory: Haywood to Hold Town Hall Meeting on State Budget State Sen. Art Haywood will hold a Town Hall Meeting on Pennsylvania’s state budget in Germantown. The meeting will include a budget update, advice on participating in the legislative process, and a question...

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Haywood: Latest Republican Budget is Shameful Trickery

HARRISBURG, March 16, 2016: State Senator Art Haywood issued the following statement after voting against HB 1801:

“Today’s vote was painful. With anti-tax leadership, the Senate was handed yet another smoke and mirrors budget bill. We have schools, universities and agricultural programs in desperate need of state funding, but what we voted on today was a spend-only bill that does not match our available funds. This is because we have leadership that refuses to increase taxes to pay for our state’s basic resources, even while it commits to spending money we do not have.

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Haywood: We Cannot Ignore Governor Rendell

Senator Art Haywood issued the following statement in response to a hearing held on 12 January by the Senate Special Committee on Address, of which he is a member: HARRISBURG, 13 January 2016: “The question before our Committee is whether or not the Attorney General...

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