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Congressional Map

PA Supreme Court Draws New Maps

On Monday, 19 February, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued the new congressional map. The 18 districts are now drawn to eliminate the gerrymandering we encountered with the 2011 congressional map. . Now, there are fewer splits of municipalities, the districts are compact and in accordance with the PA constitution. The 7th district will no longer be an embarrassment.  While the congressional districts have been renumbered and some dilution of the minority vote appears to have occurred, these districts will better serve the citizens of Pennsylvania than the 2011 maps.

Districts in Our Area

What was formerly known as the 2nd congressional district (Dwight Evans, D) is now largely in  the 3rd district.  This 3rd district includes Northwest Philadelphia, portions of North, South and West Philadelphia.  A new district number four for most of Montgomery County was created.  Five Congressman split Montgomery county in the unconstitutional 2011 congressional map: Brendan Boyle, Dwight Evans, Pat Meehan, Ryan Costello, and Brian Fitzpatrick.

Supreme CourtBack in Court

PA GOP leaders have gone back to the U.S. Supreme Court to challenge the PA Supreme Court’s new congressional maps.  Several PA GOP Congressmen have challenged the entire court process in federal court. Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s group, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, is intervening in support of the current PA Supreme Court’s process and its new maps, as well. In the meantime, congressional candidates are set to start campaigning now under the new maps. Quick court reviews to permit the process to move forward is the best hope for our state.

Dare to Care,

Art Haywood
State Senator
4th District

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