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Pennsylvania Falling Behind

The Pay Report: Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage in PA “Pennsylvania workers continue to be left behind as this state continues to have a minimum wage that keeps workers below the poverty line,” Sen. Art Haywood said. “The time to increase the wage is now!” Sen....

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Increased Wage, Good for Business

Nationally, 60 percent of small businesses support raising the minimum wage to $12 per hour. In Pennsylvania, organizations such as the Raise the Wage Coalition and the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce have been vocal in their support of raising the state’s minimum...

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Working Full-Time, Stuck Below the Poverty Line

No one working a full-time should be living under the poverty line. In December 2017, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics released the latest statistics showing the average hours and earnings for all private sector employees. In Pennsylvania for the...

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What Does it Cost to Live in PA?

The cost of living generally increases every year and, with the minimum wage still at the level of 2006, Pennsylvanians are feeling the brunt of low wages mixed with higher living costs. In basic food costs alone, Pennsylvanians are paying approximately $1.00 to $2.00...

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