Cheltenham – November 25, 2019 – State Senator Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) joined fellow elected officials, and Cedarbrook Plaza developers for a ribbon cutting for the Cedarbrook Plaza bus shelter, newly repaved parking lot, and the expansion of beauty store Hair Town.

“I am proud to be here today to celebrate a safety and security enhancement to Cedarbrook Plaza,” said Senator Haywood.  “The shelter provides safety to those who ride the bus, and the new stores bring more business and more work into Cheltenham Township.”

“Bus shelters make a big difference for our residents who rely on public transportation in our community,” said President of the Cheltenham Board of Commissioners, Dan Norris.  “The commissioners are so pleased about the new bus shelter in Cedarbrook Plaza, and the protection it will provide riders from the outdoor elements while waiting for the bus.”

“The Township is grateful for the generous partnership with Cedarbrook Plaza Management who funded this effort,” said Cheltenham Township Manager, Bryan Havir.  “I also want to thank Lori Stopyra and Mike Nassimi for working with my team on identifying the location and all their efforts that led to the new bus shelter in Cedarbrook Plaza.”

“This new bus shelter will benefit the shoppers who take the bus to Cedarbrook Plaza by providing them protection from the rain and snow,” said Cheltenham Township Commissioner, Baron Holland.  “The bus shelter is just one of many reasons to shop the great stores and dine at the restaurants in Cheltenham Township’s Cedarbrook Plaza.”

“We are here because of a shopping cart and a relentless constituent.  In the winter of 2016 when I was a brand-new legislator, excited about fulfilling the expectations of my constituents and what the position required.  I wanted to pass progressive legislation and address the needs of the 200th district.  Soon thereafter, we received a call from Ms. Moten.  She explained that we needed a bus shelter at the Cedarbrook Plaza.  Many of my constituents who worked or shopped in Montgomery County would wait outside, in the summer heat, rain, the frigid cold and snow, for their SEPTA bus to arrive.  While waiting, they would sit on overturned shopping carts – some were seniors and disabled folks,” said State Representative Chris Rabb.  “My team began researching the issue and making phone calls.  I published videos on Facebook, and we worked with Senator Haywood to fix the problem.  But it really wasn’t about the work of our legislative aids, SEPTA or the property managers.  We are here today because of Ms. Moten and so many other folks who were tired of resting on a shopping cart until their bus arrived.  Ms. Moten would not give up until her demands were addressed.”

“The construction of the bus shelter to the Cedarbrook Plaza took a lot of hard work and commitment from all involved,” said Nassimi Realty Property and Construction Manager, Lori Stopyra.  “I am thankful we were able to provide safety to the shoppers of Cedarbrook Plaza and join in the expansion of Hair Town.  Our tenants are family and we want to continue to spread that sentiment to all who shop here.”

Work with Nassimi Realty and elected officials from Cheltenham Township, the State Senate, and State House provided a safer option for Cedarbrook Plaza consumers who ride SEPTA.  The completion of the bus shelter was three years in the making, although Cedarbrook Plaza shoppers have waited several years for this shelter, often sitting on shopping carts as they waited for public transportation.