Harrisburg – November 20, 2019 – State Senator Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) released the following statement about legislation expanding the statutes of limitations and penalties for child abuse survivors:

“Survivors deserve a chance to be heard and compensated for past abuse.  The best way this can happen is with a combination of: an end to the criminal statute of limitations, extending the civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse, and a two-year window to file prior claims of abuse.  One out of the three is helpful but may not be enough to help survivors.

There is no constitutional amendment required to do what is best for survivors of child abuse because it can be done through legislation.  However, I support the policy and will support the constitutional amendment.”

There is currently a package of legislation that seeks to abolish the statute of limitations for criminal charges for child sex abuse survivors, extend the civil statute of limitations to sue abusers, provide a two-year window to file a sexual abuse claim, prohibit nondisclosure agreements from banning a survivor to contact law enforcement, and increase the offense of failing to report suspected child abuse.