What happened in Charlottesville this weekend was beyond despicable. I condemn those who directed their unjustifiable hatred into violence. I condemn those who stood by and watched and encouraged. I condemn the leadership that has not only failed to defend Americans from this violence, but has endorsed it through silence.

I am grateful to the many people in Charlottesville who did not hesitate in the fight against hatred and bigotry. I am grateful to the countless people who have come together in Philadelphia, and in cities around the country, to express their support for those who fought. I am grateful to the leaders who have called this violence what it is – terrorism – and have named the perpetrators – white supremacists.

Now is the time to confront this strain of terrorism. I intend to establish a citizen’s commission on combatting white supremacists in Pennsylvania. We will boycott and we will protest. We will do what is necessary to stamp out the hate and violence that stems from ignorance and intolerance. We will fight. And we will win.