Harrisburg – May 7, 2018 – State Sen. Art Haywood (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) released a statement following Gov. Tom Wolf’s criminal justice reform press conference earlier this week. Sen. Haywood joins Governor Wolf and other elected officials in support of reform.

“Governor Wolf is correct; our criminal justice system requires reform. Changes I support include:

  • Ending cash bail requirements that keep the person in jail awaiting trial;
  • Increasing the use of supervised parole release and community based programs;
  • Comprehensive clean slate rules for certain convictions;
  • Caps on parole violation sentencing; and
  • Ensuring criminal defense lawyers for those who cannot afford them.”

“In concert with the criminal justice reforms, we have to do more in other areas that push some people to crime.  The doors of opportunity can be opened by a strong education system.  We must invest in education at all levels, and pay fair wages of at least $15 per hour to hard working people.”

Sen. Haywood knows that education and fair wages prevent crime. Bolstering both will help keep individuals out of the criminal justice system. 

“Without access to quality education and jobs that pay fair wages the cycle of crime continues. We must expand opportunity and address the underlying injustice that leads to crime.