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sb 919Domestic Violence Victims’ Bills Pass the PA Senate

Legislation I authored, Senate Bill 919, passed the Pennsylvania Senate on March 21. The legislation creates a speedier response time for public housing authorities to relocate victims of domestic violence than current federal law. 

In addition, I co-sponsored Senate Bill 501 that requires individuals with a protection from abuse order for domestic violence to turn over their guns to law enforcement or a licensed attorney. This legislation is part of a series of seven domestic violence and crime victim bills passed in the Senate unanimously.  This new legislation now moves to the PA House for action. 

Email Recovery

emailRecently my office discovered a batch of emails that were sent to my office but were unfortunately lost in the system.  The discovery was shocking.  I have addressed the issue and rectified the technical aspects of the problem.  Our systems are working now and I do not anticipate further problems.  I apologize to each person that was subject to the problems.  Please call my Harrisburg office (717) 787-1427 or my Philadelphia office (215) 242-8171, or you may now email me at  to reach us.

studentsStudent Advocacy

March was a good month for gun violence prevention advocacy following another senseless tragedy.  On March 14 students in our district and around the nation stood in solidarity with the Parkland, Florida students as they participated in a walk-out. On March 24 students organized the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., in Philadelphia and other cities all over the U.S. and around the world. Young people are making it clear that they will not accept the failed laws our nation has in place to prevent gun violence.

A sixth grader in Abington sent me a poem she wrote on gun violence and the toll it has on our country. The poem is below. I support these student initiatives and will do all I can do make it clear that #enoughisenough.

Do you know what if feels like
To lose someone you love?
When they did nothing wrong?
Didn't even push or shove?
To lose them to a child.
With a gun.
I am not asking
To change the amendments.
But please, enforce laws,
To people that need it.
They could use the safety,
From the government.
I'm not trying to run your job.
I'm just asking to help the ones who sob.
For their loved ones,
Who got shot with a gun.
Come on government,
Please help
Kids in the world with me,
Get out, out of your seats.
Come, let's meet and
Help save our Country.
C'mon, save this Country.
Just start with something small,
Like a couple of laws.
If someone goes to the store to buy a gun,
Make sure they are over 21.
Do a criminal check.
After all, we have so much tech.
And if they are mentally ill,
Don't give them a gun so they can kill.
I'm not trying to run your job,
I'm just asking to help the others who sob.
For their loved ones,
Who got shot with a gun.
Come on government,
Please help kids in the world with me.
Get out, out of your seats.
Let's meet and save our Country, save our Country.
C'mon, let's save our Country.
Why do you let people sell guns for war?
What would we need them for?
Those people that died.
Their bravery gives us pride.
To stand up to the government.
Yeah, we've had enough of it.
These artists, musicians, singers, performers,
Athletes, teachers, scientists, mathematicians,
Readers, builders and students.
They've made us proud.
To stand up now, and ask for help,
To save our Country.

Upcoming Events in April

April 9—District Outreach - 3:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at the Abington Library

April 16—District Outreach - 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. at the LaMott Community Center


Dare to Care,

Art Haywood
State Senator
4th District

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