Philadelphia − August 10, 2018 − State Sen. Art Haywood (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia) champions literacy by providing children entering first-grade through third-grade the opportunity to continue expanding their literacy skills. 

For the fourth year in a row, Haywood has backed The Reading Revolution program.  The program is designed help students continue their education – through reading – over the summer months to help retention. 

Haywood Helps Students Read, Stops Summer Slide Four Consecutive Years “I like to tell the story of Johnny Appleseed—he went across the nation planting seeds in hopes that one day they would flourish into apple trees. The same comparison can be made with the children in the reading camps—the more they read, the further they can go.” Haywood said.

The Reading Revolution has seen well over 700 children expand their vocabulary, read at or above grade level, and further instill curiosity, Haywood noted.

Haywood said that the program has expanded each year and there is no sign of slowing progress.  He said attendance has steadily increased, instructors are more involved and attentive to the children’s learning styles and they are eager to see the program return next summer.

“The children are engaged, enjoyed the books and writing in the composition books about what they read. They were extremely imaginative and asked a lot of questions. Anything that had to do with the books, they enjoyed. I thought the entire program was great and I would do it again.” Lead Instructor of Finley Recreation Center Flonnia Freeman stated.

Dorothy Emanuel Recreation Center, Finley Recreation Center, Summer Fit Camp, Belfield Recreation Center, Lonnie Young Recreation Center, and Simons Recreation Center participated in the program, six weeks in duration.