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In the ongoing gerrymandering of our Commonwealth, today is the deadline for the legislature to submit new congressional maps. However, legislators were not in session today, which means there will not be a vote on maps by the deadline for the legislature. Meanwhile, the 15 February deadline for the Governor’s approval is fast approaching.

Pennsylvania’s congressional map, which was deemed unconstitutional by the Pa. Supreme Court (Keystone Crossroads)

This past Monday, GOP leaders asked Justice David Wecht to recuse on the gerrymandering issue, weeks after the decision of unconstitutionality was already determined. Justice Wecht denied this request, and legislators were urged to move forward with creating new maps.

Everyone involved in the lawsuit gets a chance to submit a map. For example, the League of Women Voters may submit one, and the Governor may submit one. The submitted maps will be reviewed and approved before the 15 February deadline.

As for the U.S. Supreme Court, they decided on Tuesday not to intervene and to let the Commonwealth handle the redistricting. If new maps are not drawn out in time, the PA Supreme Court is prepared to draw the district lines as a last resortTown hall

Tele Town Hall

In last night’s Telephone Town Hall, we discussed gerrymandering in length with guest host Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Suzanne Almeida Esq. Neighbors called in and asked important questions to fully understand what will be affected by the PA Supreme Court’s decision. Click here to listen.

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