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Funds Approved for Woodmere Museum, La Salle University, Free Library of Philadelphia West Oak Lane

State funding totaling $2.5 million is on its way to help fund three key projects in our area.  The Woodmere Art Museum will use a portion of the funds to expand its arts education program through landscaping and sculpture.  LaSalle University will fund renovations to improve the physical plant of the school.  Several buildings on campus are slated to be refurbished to improve energy efficiency and accessibility. 

In addition, state grant dollars were approved for The Free Library of Philadelphia West Oak Lane Branch.  The funds earmarked for the library will be used to expand educational programs offered at the venue. 

The funds were approved through the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. 

Clean Water for All

In late August, I introduced legislation would lower acceptable levels of certain harmful chemicals in drinking water. The legislation is aligned with HB 705 introduced by Reps. Tom Murt, Madeleine Dean, and Steve McCarter in the State House. Parts of Abington, Cheltenham, and Springfield Townships were affected by water with high levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOAs) and perfluoro octane sulfonate (PFOS’). My legislation in SB 1242 would lower the levels from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 70 parts per trillion (PPT) standard to 5 PPT. For more information on this legislation and clean water, please visit my website at Please support SB 1242 and HB 705 to update the environmental standards for drinking water.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported over 72,000 Americans lost their lives to opioid overdoses, 5,643 in Pennsylvania in 2017 alone. In Philadelphia, overdose deaths were 1,217. In Montgomery County, there were 206 overdose deaths. September is National Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Recovery Month. In response, my office is hosting two events: On 12 September we are screening the film Heroin(e), and on 20 September is our Open House on Addiction. We must combat addiction as a community.

Screening and Discussion on the Opioid Crisis Screening and Discussion on the Opioid Crisis Open House on Addiction

Early Risers Get Ahead

Journalist Laura Mabille made the decision to wake up every day at 5:30 a.m. “It’s not about waking up at 5:30 for the sake of being up before the sun. It’s about having the time to get activities done that are known to have a considerably positive impact on our state of mind, our efficiency and (incidentally) our level of happiness.” She notes successful CEOs rise at this early hour each morning to prepare themselves for the day ahead through planning goals, meditating and more. It works. Please read the article and watch the video.

Upcoming Events

8 September – 9 a.m. – Bike Tour meet at Finley Playground, 7701 Mansfield Ave., Philadelphia, PA

12 September – 7 p.m. –Film Screening of Heroin(e), 7106 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia

15 September – 9 a.m. –Bike Tour meet at Lonnie Young Recreation Center, 1100 E. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, PA

17 September – 6 p.m.-9 p.m. – Remote Constituent Services at the La Mott Community Center, Elkins Park, PA

19 September – 7 p.m.-8 p.m. – Ice Cream with Art – Chestnut Hill Library - 8711 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia

20 September – 6 p.m.-8 p.m. – Open House on Addiction – Rowland Community Center – 400 Myrtle Ave., Cheltenham, PA

29 September – 10 a.m.-2 p.m. – Shredding Event – Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church – 2800 W. Cheltenham Ave., Philadelphia, PA

29 September – 4 p.m. – Impeach Trump Rally – Vernon Park – 5798 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Dare to Care,

Art Haywood
State Senator
4th District

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