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Our Solutions: Cleaning Up Our Community

Cleaning Up Our CommunityThank you to all who participated in the efforts to clean up our community after the violence that occurred following the peaceful protests over the murder of George Floyd and other unjust deaths of black people.

We must stand up to the race discrimination that has caused far too many deaths in the black community. However, our fight for justice should not include the destruction of businesses in the very communities we are trying to protect. The looting must stop.

Pharmacy Closures: Filling Prescriptions Advice

Due to the unrest after the peaceful protest of the murder of George Floyd, some pharmacies in our community were looted and are closed. If you need prescriptions filled or other pharmacy services, here are steps to take:

  • Call your regular pharmacy or another location in the same chain. If your usual location is closed, try calling another location in the same chain. All stores within your chain will have your prescription information.
  • Call an open store in another chain pharmacy. You should be able to have your prescriptions transferred to an open store of another chain. Ask the pharmacist of the new chain to request information from your regular chain.
  • Call your doctor for a new prescription. If steps 1-2 do not work, you can contact your physician to request a new prescription. You can fill that prescription at an open pharmacy. 

Some pharmacies offer delivery services for certain prescriptions. Instructions for online delivery can be found on some major chain websites – CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens. Please call your preferred pharmacy for the latest information on delivery services.

Yellow Phase Guidelines

On Friday, 5 June, Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties will move into the yellow phase of reopening. As we begin to move to the yellow phase, we must remember that COVID-19 is still actively infecting people. Easing restrictions does not mean we are returning to normal. We must stay vigilant.

The City of Philadelphia released “Safer At Home” guidelines for the yellow phase. Lower-risk activities will be permitted to operate. However, the city still recommends avoiding gatherings of any size and keeping social contact as low as possible. Gathering outside is recommended over gathering inside. Travel is allowed but not recommended.

Delivery instructions can be found here. Please continue to practice social distancing, avoid large gatherings, wear a mask, and self-monitor for any symptoms of COVID-19. 

Mail-in Ballot Extension Granted

Due to COVID-19 and unrest in our area, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties have been granted an extension for absentee and mail-in ballots. All ballots that were postmarked on or before Tuesday, 2 June will be counted if they are received by 9 June at 5:00 p.m.

Over 1.8 million mail-in and absentee ballots were requested in Pennsylvania for the 2 June primary. This extension will ensure that voters who received ballots late will be counted. I introduced legislation to extend this deadline. I am grateful to Governor Wolf for taking this action.

Mail-in Ballot Extension

COVID-19 Public Hearing

On Thursday, 4 June at 10:00 a.m., I will host a hearing on the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the African American community. Those testifying will include:

  • Dr. Carmen Guerra from the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania;
  • Dr. Shanetta Johnson from Morehouse Healthcare;
  • Dr. Orland Kirton from the Philadelphia Collaborative on Health Equity;
  • Dr. Uche Blackstock from Advancing Health Equity;
  • Greg Millett from amfAR, the Foundation for Aids Research;
  • Rashawn Ray, Ph.D. from The Brookings Institution.

A livestream will be available at on my website at A recording will be posted after the hearing has concluded.

COVID-19 Public Hearing

Musical Mood Boost

Here is a song that that reminds us that we will soon rise out of the darkness. The Rising by Bruce Springsteen:

The Rising by Bruce Springsteen

Be the Light,

Art Haywood
State Senator
4th District

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