Increased Wage, Good for Business

60 percent of small businesses support raising the minimum wage to $12 per hourNationally, 60 percent of small businesses support raising the minimum wage to $12 per hour. In Pennsylvania, organizations such as the Raise the Wage Coalition and the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce have been vocal in their support of raising the state’s minimum wage. For a business owner, it is financially smart and beneficial to increase workers’ pay. Small business owners have argued that paying workers a higher, livable wage helps to reduce costly employee turnover. Businesses that experience high employee turnover lose money when the cost of frequently hiring and training new employees is factored into the bottom line.

Happy EmployeesBusinesses who pay employees decent wages can benefit from the financial stability of their employees. Employees who are compensated fairly for their work are happier and more productive.

Small business owners in Pennsylvania who have made this argument have experienced increased profits and less waste because they have set a precedent to take care of their employees by offering a fair wage for their work. Applying this mentality statewide will benefit all Pennsylvania businesses, workers, and consumers.

What We Can Do

It is time for lawmakers to come together and support a raise in Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. For more information on how to get involved in the fight to raise the wage, visit Sen. Haywood’s Citizen Advocacy Hub or contact his district office.