Senator Art Haywood

Legislative Services

When I am in Harrisburg, my number one priority is fighting for legislation that will give the people of the 4th District a fair shot at a good job, a quality education for their children and a safe neighborhood to raise their family.

Below are a number of helpful links where you can research pending legislation and bills that were signed into law, watch Senate session live online, and also read more about the committees and commissions that I currently serve on.

Steps for Effective Citizen Advocacy

  1. The legislator/ politician works for you. The people elect and pay them.
  2. Make an appointment prior to your visit.
  3. Go to a politician that represents you. Politicians pay attention to their constituents.
  4. Be part of a larger campaign of action.
  5. Talk about no more than two policies.
  6. Tell a personal story that illustrates why you want the policy. Don’t rely on statistics.
  7. Remember that the purpose is to persuade, not blow off steam.
  8. Ask for support of your policy. Don’t ask what the politician thinks. Ask for support of what you want.
  9. Follow up after the meeting.
  10. Let us know what you’re told. Keep your elected officials accountable.