Philadelphia, PA – 18 Abril 2023 – Today, Senator Art Haywood hosted a College Expo in partnership with Commonwealth University. During the Expo, high school students from Senator Haywood’s 4th Senatorial District gathered to learn about the college application process and the ins and outs of college life.

During the event, students had access to resource tables and college administrative staff to learn and ask questions. The Expo covered topics such as the benefits of higher education, how to choose the right major, how to navigate scholarships and financial aid, and what life as a college student looks like.

The event was held in partnership with Commonwealth University which helped to staff the event and answer student questions.

During the event, Senator Haywood was inspired by the students’ stories and ambitions. “One thing that stood out to me during our College Expo was that every single student in attendance deserves a shot at a bright future,” said Senator Art Haywood. “I immediately contacted Commonwealth University and asked them to offer guaranteed admittance to those 150 students in attendance today. They agreed. And now 150 students from my district have a college to call home upon graduation.”

As a result of Senator Haywood’s ask, Commonwealth University has committed to guaranteeing admittance to the students who attended today’s Expo after graduating high school and meeting a GPA requirement.

“We know the many benefits of having a college degree,” said Senator Haywood. “And if we know the benefits, we should be guaranteeing that opportunity to every student possible.”

Video from event: Senator Haywood Hosts College Expo, Attendees Receive College Admission – Senator Art Haywood