A very special thank you to all the organizations that hosted stops on Senator Haywood’s Poverty Listening Tour. The services you provide to address poverty experiences in your communities is invaluable. Thank you for your hospitality, insights, and willingness to participate in the creation of this report. 

Thank you to Secretary Teresa Miller from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for your participation and departmental feedback as well.

My sincere gratitude is also extended to my colleagues, Senators Hughes, Muth, Laughlin, Brewster and Blake, who hosted discussions in their districts and participated in the Poverty Listening Tour. Without your involvement and interest in addressing poverty in Pennsylvania, this report would not have been possible.

Most importantly, thank you to the individuals who stepped forward and presented their stories so policymakers could gain a better understanding of poverty and its impact. Your contributions have helped educate and inform. Each individual gave of their time and lent us their stories so that better decisions can be made, and better policies enacted. We are extremely grateful for your perspective, kindness and consideration.