Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage in PA

Pennsylvania workers continue to be left behind as this state continues to have a minimum wage that keeps workers below
the poverty line,” Sen. Art Haywood said. “The time to increase the wage is now!”

Join us as a Raise the Wage advocate!

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Haywood Spotlights Businesses that Raise the Wage

La Barberia

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Exact Solar

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Haywood Working to Raise the Wage

Germantown community stands together for wage increase

Germantown community stands together for wage increase

The Germantown community came together on Martin Luther King Day to continue pressuring the owner of a McDonald’s franchise at 29 E. Chelten Ave. to address what participants called wage injustice. State Sen. Art Haywood along with the Rev. Kent Matthies, who is...

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A woman working full-time at minimum wage will earn $14,000 annually.

More than $4,000 BELOW the poverty line for a mother with two children.

Elected Officials, Fair Pay Activists to Urge Lawmakers to Raise the Wage