Fighting to Raise the Minimum Wage in PA

Pennsylvania workers continue to be left behind as this state continues to have a minimum wage that keeps workers below
the poverty line,” Sen. Art Haywood said. “The time to increase the wage is now!”

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Haywood Spotlights Businesses that Raise the Wage

La Barberia

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Exact Solar

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Haywood Working to Raise the Wage

Governor’s Administration Urging Minimum Wage Increase

Governor’s Administration Urging Minimum Wage Increase

With more than two-dozen states set to hike their minimum wage in 2022, the administration of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is urging the Republican-controlled General Assembly to follow suit when it returns to session in January. “Pennsylvania’s food service, retail and...

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A woman working full-time at minimum wage will earn $14,000 annually.

More than $4,000 BELOW the poverty line for a mother with two children.

Elected Officials, Fair Pay Activists to Urge Lawmakers to Raise the Wage